In the frame of ALLVET project online round table was held

On October 15, 2020, a Round Table “Dissemination of information about projects under the Erasmus+ program: strategic cooperation, expansion of partnership” (within the ALLVET Project – “HE and VET alliance establishment according to Bologna Principals implementation via VET teachers’ capacity building”)

The event was organized by the Kazakhstani consortium of the ALLVET project within the framework of #ErasmusDays. Opening remarks were made by: Danijela Milošević – grant holder, coordinator of the ALLVET project (Cacak, Serbia); Ivan Dyukarev, coordinator of the ALLVET program Erasmus + from the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain); Mukhanova Gaini Kazibayevna, Country National Coordinator of the ALLVET project, (Almaty, RK); Zakirova Gulnar Demeshovna, coordinator of the ALLVET project of the Erasmus+ program from the IITU (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and Adilzhan Anai, coordinator of the ALLVET project of the Erasmus+ program from the SDU (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

Danijela Milošević made the report on topic: “ALLVET project: institutional and country impact of the project on educational processes”. Ivan Dyukarev held a consultation and introductory session on the topic: “Topical issues of the competence-based approach to the preparation of educational programs and courses”, within which he touched upon the following blocks of topical areas, such as: A) Tuning methodology: history, development, significance and impact; B) Competence-based approach in providing higher education: necessity and effectiveness; C) Competence approach and labor market requirements.

These topics aroused a keen interest in the audience, which resulted in the speeches of Vasily Serbin (IITU), Yusuf Yaylaji (SDU), Denis Polenov (Narxoz University).In general, the Round Table showed the importance of a competence-based approach in the formation of a graduate’s model, the use of TUNING methodologies in the construction of educational programs and, of course, the transfer of the principles of the Bologna process to TVE.