Interim Project Planning and Coordination QA Meeting

On July 12-14, 2021, Certification Association “Russian Register” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) hosted the Interim Project Planning and Coordination QA Meeting.

The meeting was held in a hybrid format – partners from UNIKG (Serbia), DSTU (Russia), MRSU (Russia), BC (Russia), NARXOZ (Kazakhstan), SDU (Kazakhstan), IUIT (Kazakhstan) arrived to Saint Petersburg the rest of partners including TUD (Germany), SEERC (Greece), IKBFU (Russia) participated online.

At the opening of the meeting participants were greeted by Pavel Stepanov, Director for development of the “Russian Register”. The meeting focused on Interim Report preparation thus the work package leaders presented the progress and results per work packages Preparation, Development, Quality, Dissemination and Management which was followed by all partners’ discussion. National Russia and Kazakhstan leaders provided the overview of activities in partner countries including the results of the recently held home multiplier factor trainings. It was also important to agree upon the future project activities and timing such as next mobilities, course design methodological training, next steps in ALLVET professional development courses design and piloting in partner countries, etc. The updated work plan was presented by the coordinator and supported by partners. Clarifications on financial reporting were provided by the coordinator, the most frequently asked questions were touched upon and individual consultations provided. The agenda also included the QA officers meeting where Quality evaluation reports were analyzed and quality assurance strategy issues were addressed.