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July 30
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ALLVET “Preparatory Workshop” was held on July 30, 2020 by the University of Kragujevac.   The aim of the meeting was to agree upon the content and layout of the trainings envisaged in the project. The speakers Vicky Parachristou and Kelly Pasmatzi from SEERC & International Faculty of the University of Sheffield; Ivan Dyukarev and Alex Rayon from the University of Deusto delivered their presentations on the following topics:

  • Preparation of “QA English for specific Purposes” (ESP) training
  • Preparation of “Pedagogical ECTS/ Tuning modular system” training
  • What is Tuning?

Vicky Parachristou and Kelly Pasmatzi presented key aims and learning outcomes of the course “QA English for Specific Purposes” Ivan Dyukarev provided an overview of the key aspects of “ECTS/Tuning modular system” training. Alex Rayon highlighted Tuning requirements and methodologies.



Date: July 30
Organizer Name: University of Kragujevac