Association for International Education Support «Bologna Club»

Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Association for International Education Support «Bologna Club» (BC) is an open association of Russian universities designed to reform the Russian Higher Education system, find effective ways of rapprochement of national educational systems and create common educational space in order to meet the European priority of building a knowledge-based society. BC was established in 2011 on the premises of Don State Technical University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, by leading Russian universities bearing in mind the great importance of today’s tendency towards harmonisation of national education systems. BC is actively supporting integration of the Russian higher education institutions into the European higher education system consistent with the principles of the Bologna process. BC is committed to pursue the following objectives: – to intensify cooperation and establish a network of universities in order to develop a national policy in the sphere of higher education;- to establish an effective support mechanism in order to advocate Russia’s dynamic and full-fledged integration into the European education community. Thus, BC has been making every effort to increase the quality and competitiveness of Russian higher education across the globe, enhance international cooperation and academic mobility, promote 3-cycle HE and facilitate the recognition process for Russian diplomas abroad.


Svetlana Shvedova

Svetlana Shvedova

Bologna Club President, DSTU Vice-Rector for International Affairs, PhD, Member of BFUG-RF, Higher Education Reform expert

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