Don State Technical University

Rostov-on-Don, Russia


Don State Technical University (DSTU) is one of the eleven flagship higher education institutions in Russia with 266 educational programmes in three cycles on the basis of Lifelong Learning system promoting learning by doing methodology: 11 business-oriented departments collaborating with leading Russian and foreign enterprises and companies such as UAC Company (Russia), ALCOA (Russia), Kovosvit MAS (the Czech Republic), Amazone-Werke (Germany), Mitsubishi Electric (Japan) and others.

The university is the international technology transfer hub providing a platform for joint scientific and applied research resulting in knowledge-consumptive and hi-tech products development, which are in high demand by the university’s national and international industrial and business partners.

RDI infrastructure of DSTU includes 30 high-tech laboratories, 10 spin-off companies, Agribusiness park; such centres as Southern region-DSTU Media Park, Nanotechnologies and industrial co-working center.

To support up-to-date tendency to harmonisation of national education systems and Russian HEIs integration into the European education space, DSTU has become the host and co-founder of Non-profit partnership BolognaClub Agency of educational strategies and initiatives (BC).BC is an open and good-will association, motivating to set up network and international centre of modern education and innovative research transfer in close links with national and international communities.

The university provides international collaboration having more than 90 partnership agreements signed with universities all over the world and being a partner of such agencies, organisations and associations as: NQA (United Kingdom), ASIN (Germany), The Holly See, Flemish Community, Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities, Silk Road High – Tech Park Association (SRSPA) and others.



Irina Maevskaya

Irina Maevskaya

DSTU PhD, associate professor Chief of the international education department.

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