Design of 10 Module Curricula ECTS/Tuning Programme. Workshop II

On October 26, 2021, the 2nd online Workshop on design of 10 Module Curricula ECTS/Tuning Programme.

The organizers Marjan Milošević (University of Kragujevac) and Ivan Dyukarev (University of Deusto reviewed the data received from the partners and summed up the interim result on the first 5 steps.

The speakers also outlined further tasks for the designing of a professional development program, as follows:

  • develop rubrics for the 10 modules of the program;
  • revise competencies and expected learning outcomes (steps 1-5) based on selected themes (rubrics);

Asier Altuna and Ivan Dyukarev from the University of Deusto provided practical recommendations for the development of rubrics (themes) and their correlation with the specified competencies, learning outcomes and assessment methods. A profile template for describing modules was also presented.

During the meeting, Olga Safonkina (MRSU) proposed to schedule a face-to-face meeting to share materials and discuss programs piloting, make adjustments before launching. At this stage, all of the partners’ materials are uploaded to the MOODLE online platform.