Steering Group Coordination Meeting

On November 3, 2021 University of Kraguevac organised the Steering Group Coordination Meeting. Project coordinator Danijela Milošević (UNIKG) welcomed the participants. She ascertained the attendance of the partners and announced the keypoints of the meeting.

Ivan Dyukarev briefly reported on the current state of the module preparation. He underlined the need to revise 5 steps before moving to the remaining phase of the module creation.

Marjan Milošević read the description of QA (activity 3.1) and cleared up that the modules’ QA was meant to be performed by the very consortia.

Danijela Milošević discussed the modules’ accreditation possibilities. DSTU partners stated that a special body was in charge of the accreditation process and that once there was an application submitted, there would be not much space for change, so the programme’s details should be pre-agreed, especially the workload.

Danijela Milošević talked about the travelling. According to the application, a trip to Dresden was planned to finalize the modules. However, since the travel possibility to Dresden is rather constrained for PC partners, the idea is to change the destination to Thessaloniki. According to the current COVID19 rules, this trip is supposed to be feasible for most partners. Partners agreed with this proposal. Marija Đukić walked through the documentation for each partner and gave a preview of the missing files and data needed to be fixed.