Project Steering Group coordination meeting

On December 9, 2021, ALLVET project Steering Group coordination meeting took place. Marjan Milosevic, on behalf of the project coordinator, Krugaevac University (Serbia), greeted the participants and identified the main issues for discussion.

Ivan Dyukarev (University of Deusto, Spain) gave the detailed update on the progress of the 10-module advanced training program development. On December 17th the 3rd training will take place, where the next stage of the program development will be studied.

In the next issue of the agenda, Marian Milosevic presented an updated project work plan for 2022. The project coordinator paid special attention to the timing of the piloting of the program. In addition, Marian Milosevic mentioned that the Erasmus + National Office in Russia, provided its feedback for the project implementation based on the results of the monitoring carried out in September 2021. This document will be distributed among the consortium members and taken into consideration.

A large block of questions was devoted to the financial reporting of the project. Marija Djukic (Krugaevac University, Serbia) gave her explanations on this issue.