Design of 10 Module Curricula ECTS/Tuning Programme. Workshop III

On December 21, 2021, University of Deusto organized the 3rd online Workshop on design of 10 Module Curricula ECTS/Tuning Programme.

Marjan Milošević (University of Kragujevac) opened the meeting and greeted the consortium members. Ivan Dyukarev and Asier Altuna (University of Deusto) recap the data from previous sessions and gave their commentaries on progress with Steps 1-6. Then the speakers instructed on the steps 7-11 to be fulfilled.

They pointed out the following steps:

  • Length of the programme and student workload;
  • Overall consistency of the programme;
  • Internal Quality Control/ Enhancement;
  • Other relevant aspects;
  • Syllabus of the programme.

Ivan Dyukarev (University of Deusto) and Milica Stojković (University of Kragujevac) explained further practical assignments. At the end of the workshop Partners had “Questions and Answers” discussion.